Yamaha teased FZ25 (FZ250) / FZ200 before its launch on 24 January 2017..!| Price

@Yamaha  FZ25 (FZ250) / FZ200

Recently Yamaha announced a launch event on 24 January 2017 which which led to a quite  a lot of discussions regarding which bike it could be launching even though it was almost confirm that it could be either of  FZ25 (FZ250) or FZ200, but curiosity was still on. Now since Yamaha has teased the launch event through the release of a poster, where the bike featuring has similar look as the FZ25 (FZ250) or FZ200. Which has been spied testing in the India roads recently.

 The poster says that :
A New Breed of Riders is Coming to Town

The quote is expected to be depicting the aggressive looks of the motorcycle which is yet to be launched, FZ25 (FZ250) or FZ200.


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Price Point:

Since Bajaj recently made lot of news made lot of news due to its aggressive pricing with the Dominar 400.

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Its has been quite a pressure on the competitor to keep the competition on. So Yamaha is expected to go aggressive  with the pricing of the FZ25 (FZ250) or FZ200.

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