Yamaha Motor confirms a launch event on 24 January 2017 | Which motorcycle it will be? Could it be FZ25 (FZ250) / FZ200 or MT 25 ..?

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Recently Yamaha Motor a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer confirmed a launch event on 24 January 2017. Where they  will be revealing a brand new motorcycle from their shelf. From the day this launch event has been announced there has been hike in curiosity among motorcycle enthusiast , that too among Yamaha Fans which could be the Bike that Yamaha will launch.

Could it be MT – 25 ..?

Yes, it can be. But considering the recent factor chances of it being  MT – 25 is highly unlikely. The probability of the launch of the MT – 25 is very less compared to its the other  siblings which are in this race of being launched. But you never know whats in the mind of Yamaha executive. If are waiting for MT – 25 you have a thin chance of your wish getting fulfilled.

Price: 2.5 lakhs

    Here is Image gallery of  Yamaha  MT – 25:

Could it be FZ – 25  (FZ 250) ..?

Yes,a  more stronger YES this time. This could be the Bike that would revealed this January, and this chances are pretty high considering its consistence appearance in India streets while testing.  Yamaha  FZ25 (FZ250) has caught testing several time this year (2016) which makes this claim more stronger.

Price: 2.5 lakhs

       Here is Image gallery of  Yamaha  FZ25 (FZ250):


  Watch video of FZ25 (FZ250):


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