Yamaha has NO plans to offer ABS on Fazer25/FZ25 in the Future

Yamaha Fazer25/FZ 25-faired quarter liter – NO ABS

Waiting for Fazer/Fz25 with ABS??? seriously don’t wait for it. Yamaha has no plans to offer ABS variant in the future.

Yamaha is fixed up their mind that not to release ABS variant because to maintain the price range, and they claim that Fazer/FZ25 has good braking capability. He added that the company will launch ABS model when the government makes ABS mandatory i.e in 2019.

Mr. Roy Kurian, VP, Sales & Marketing, Yamaha India clearly mentioned about the absence of ABS on Fazer/FZ25.

Yamaha FZ25 is doing well and the company is also expecting same from Fazer 25. Fazer25 has an effective price and customer/biker will bother paying Rs 20,000 more for ABS(Anti-Lock Braking System).

Nowadays people first look into safety along with the performance of the bike as well. Let’s take an example of Bajaj’s Dominar 400-a report claimed as much as 90% of the buyers of the motorcycle opt for the ABS version. Even Suzuki is offering ABS on their Gixxer SF for Rs 6200 extra on the bike.

A kind request to Yamaha India, introducing premium bike is not a success!!,  providing safety is what matters. Any how you won’t loose anything if you introduce ABS for Fazer/FZ25 variant as an option. Hope you learn and will introduce ABS variant soon to the Indian market.


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