Will BMW G310R Price be Less than KTM Duke 390??

BMW Motorrad has launched G310R in the United States at£4,290* which equals to INR 3.53 Lakh. Where G310r rivals 2017 KTM Duke 390 is sold at 4,599.00 GBP* (INR 3.75Lakhs).

*Price listed on the official website

BMW G310R is being made in India by TVS Motors at their Chennai plant and exported to markets like USA and UK (includes additional charges )in that situation also it is priced below 2017 KTM DUKE 390. So in India extra charges will not be there.

KTM and BMW are fighting in the European market to get the title of “Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer”. KTM is in top position because of its small capacity motorcycles like Duke and RCs, So BMW is planning to give counter by releasing small capacity bikes.

Can BMW G310R Price will be below or around 2017 KTM Duke 390 in India?

Why NOT?

  • In terms of specifications and features: KTM Duke 390 is piece of cake where it carries almost all features-features loaded motorcycle, Whereas BMW G310r carry fewer features.
  • Manufacturing: BMW G310r is being manufactured by TVS Motors in India, As well as Duke 390 is also manufactured by Bajaj Auto. So there are no charges for import and other taxes, which is always the main pricing concern for CBUs and CKDs.
  • Quality: Yes BMW is well known for a best quality motorcycle manufacturer, but it is being made by Indian TVS Motors, similar to Bajaj-KTM alliance in India. So, quality can be expected to be good. But in G310r quality check is made by BMW officials, once the bikes are pass quality then only they proceed to export/sale – we can expect the best quality.
  • Parts cost and feasibility: In the case of KTM Duke, they share body parts, engines with Bajaj resulting in lesser overall costs. We expect the same thing in BMW-TVS because TVS Apache RR 310S is on the testing condition which carries almost similar parts seen in G310r.

Let’s see your opinion about the pricing of BMW G310R against 2017 KTM Duke 390

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