Why Honda is Not Launching New CBR150R, CBR250R or CBR300R in India | Reason here!!

Why Honda is not going to launch CBR series to the Indian market??

Some of the internal and external magnitude depends on the launch of new bikes or new-generation/facelift. The reason that company need to do background research completely because they are going to invest lots of money for new model. Where it depends upon a myriad of reasons; offerings, price, competition, sales and how important that model is for the company etc.

let us talk about the Honda CBR250R:

Honda CBR250R was launched in India way back in March 2011, almost 6 years. CBR250R ruled in the international markets also but it has received significant updates as well as power increments and other mechanical changes.

Below points says that the demand for CBR250R was in good number

  • 250CBR’s sales are almost the same as what Hero is to gain from Karizma and ZMR models.
  • Even Mahindra Mojo gave good fight but CBR250R survived from all.
  • CBR250R was sold in more than RC390 or Duke 390, where one bike left out, but CBR250R was sold out!!.                                                                       i.e… if 1000KTM’s were sold out which is 500 duke + 500 RC while taking anyone into account and compared with CBR250R(was sold 600 units), here CBR250R sale was higher. PS: Numbers are just indicative.

Our sincere request to Honda CEO – To forget about how others give you competition, We request you to take good initiative and invest money in bringing 250R back or at least introduce Dual headlamp CBR250R or the CBR300R / CBR500R into India.

Note to Honda CEO: if customers love to purchase six-year-old product with outdated design and specs more than other newly introduced products from competitors.  you have to accept it and launch new motorcycles.

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