Watch: TVS Apache 310 (Akula 310) Doing well in the Narrow lanes | Easy to handle and More flickable

TVS Apache RR 310 S (Akula) will be launched in India by end of july or early August 2017. TVS motors seems to have increased the number of test bikes of the apache 310 [Akula] where we can noticed by its numberplate. TVS motors is doing well so that to get a good motocycle to the Indian market to compete will all other bikes in this segment.

The below video shows how TVS Apache RR 310s test mule rider trying to escape from the scooter rider to distract thier attention towards the bike[akula]. This video clearly shows that the Apache rider swiftly manoeuvres into a narrow lane of the street to escape from the scooter rider eyes. From this video we can get to know that handling of the TVS Apache RR 310s is very easy to handle and more flick able in gallis/ inner congested street roads.


New TVS Apache RR 310s ‘s engine is based on the BMW G310R naked bike. Stephan Schaller, CEO, BMW Motorrad told that the engineering of this new range of motorcycles has been 100 percent done by BMW.  so we can expect TVS Apache RR 310S [ Aluka 310 ] will also have BMW engineering.

TVS apache RR 310S equipped with same engine as seen in BMW G310R.


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