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Vizag: Traffic Police Kills a Women by Pulling out Key from a Moving Bike [video]

how to order priligy order Lyrica overnight Vizag: A cop/Traffic Police tried to pull out key from a moving bike due to this the rider lost his balance and ended up falling from his bike. They fell on the road, at that time oil tanker was on his way. The pillion lady fell under the truck and truck runs over her. While the rider succumbed to his injuries in the hospital and she died on the spot. The onlookers saw entire incident turned into a mob and started hitting the cop and other police officers.

There is no rules that says traffic polices are allowed to remove/pull the keys from the bike. Because of this stupidity, many biker lost their lives.

buy arcoxia medicine A few weeks back in Tamilnadu, cops / Traffic Police were caught stopping bikers and pulling keys out of their bike. The riders are following all traffic of the road but they were still harassed by the cops for more than an hour. The cops/Traffic Police started telling that the riders who wear protective gear will usually do speeding, thats why they stopped us.

சென்னையில் பணம்பறிக்கும் கும்பல் ஆதாரத்துடன் வீடியோ அதிகம் சேர் செய்யுங்கள் ! இந்த மர்ம கும்பலின் பெயர் காவல்துறை PLS share

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