VIDEO: YAMAHA R15 Crashes Down, TVS APACHE RTR 180 Rider’s Saves His Fellow Rider Life !!! | Close Call

A motorcyclist tailgates a car during a blind overtaking contrive. The car, unaware of the motorcycle behind it, slows down when it sees oncoming traffic, causing the motorcycle to low-slide.As the fallen rider rolls on the road,a fellow ridercomes within inches of running him over. By implementing some instant reflexes, the Apache rider to deflect around the rolling R15 rider’s head and saves the day.

Tailgating is never a good thing to do. It’s like inviting danger. That’s exactly what this Yamaha YZF-R15 rider found out. Had it not been for the TVS Apache rider’s instant reflexes, the accident could have turned fatal.

The video, captured near Chennai,picked up by a dashboard camera and uploaded by YouTube user GreaseMonk, shows the hazards of tailgating. The incident happened way back in 2013, and on the East Coast Road near Chennai.

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