Video: Kanpur Traffic Police Tow Motorbike Along With Biker Sitting On It

The incident happened at the Bada Chauraha area in Kanpur on Wednesday. As per the report that the bike was parked in a ‘No Parking Zone’ outside the branch of Reserve Bank of India.

This was the funniest way that the bike and rider being towed away by a tow truck. A video captured by the rider’s friend, who was riding behind the tow truck, he wantedly did this video to reveal how traffic cops have towed away a motorcycle with its owner sitting on it.

In India, The biggest problem is of ‘No Parking’. We won’t notice the parking board which often scribbled on the walls or Board will be kept. An unfortunate driver/rider who has failed to notice such sign boards and ended up on the wrong side of the law. However, we broke the law so it’s time to argue cops or to pay fine.  An unfortunate driver/rider have tried reasoning with the traffic police and failed. Now it’s time pay up the fine for wrong parking.

Here the unfortunate rider put his own life by hanging onto his bike even as it was towed away by the tow vehicle while he is seen holding onto the chain of the tow truck to prevent him from falling backwards.

Watch the video below:

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