video: BWM G310 R reviewed by Indian in Belgium comparing to its rival Duke 390

  @BWM G310 R 

Ever since its announcement BWM G310 R has been in the lime light, as it is a first bike to be come out under TVS and BMW collaboration.

Even though production has already started in TVS plants the Indian release dates are not scheduled yet. But BMW G310R is in the market in may countries like Europe and more. Where its competing closely with its rivals to be on top in the market.

  In those countries BMW G310R has been tested many times. Similarly Indian Youtuber staying Belgium ,Codename ABK. has reviewed BMW G310R in a video that he made. Which gives clear idea about the Indian made BMW G310R.

The pricing of the bike is comparitively quite aggressive in the  countries which is already released. Its cheaper than its rivals like Duke 390. In India prices are expected to be lot lesser because it is manufactured in India considering the blooming Indian Motorcycle market.

For complete specifications of Indian made BWM G310 R have a look at following article:

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