Video: Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Catches Fire in the Middle of the Road in Tamil Nadu

Dhanish from Pasumalai, Tamil Nadu is the owner of Bajaj Pulsar RS200. when he was riding to his college, he noticed that there was fire disgorge out from the engine right below the fuel tank. The Sad thing is it’s not that old bike it’s just a 16-month-old.

When he noticed the fire under the tank, he immediately stopped his bike & parked it on the roadside, not even away from the lane. Within a few fraction of minutes, the fire covered the fuel tank, due to fuel and paint which attracted fire very badly. Onlookers tried to stop the fire by throwing water on it But fire already swelled the bike with added fuel in the tank.

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Dhanish reported that he was riding solo, and speeding at 50-60kmph. He noticed the fire. He doesn’t have any idea for what fire broke. But he claims that it could be happened due to short circuit. Even the bike had not fitted with any aftermarket parts. The bike was serviced at regular intervals and it was maintained properly.

The Bajaj team and dealer has been supported him, after the incident happened. The dealer has already promised him a brand new Bajaj Pulsar RS200 as a replacement. Watch the video of the incident below.



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