Upcoming SUV’s in India | hitting the market this year | 2016

SUV ( Sports Utility Vehicle) is quite popular these days due to the extra space it offers.
Due to its gaining popularity in india the auto mobile manufacturer are showing their keen interest in SUV’s so the list of upcoming SUV’s growing quickly. 

Here are the few selected ones from the list…

Honda CV-R (2016) :

Honda CV-R (2016) twinkle torque

After the huge success if the honda CV-R Petrol version the  company is coming up with diesel variant of the model. Which will be hitting the market by the end of this year. which will have a 1.6 litres of diesel engine.

Competitors : Audi Q7, Mercedes Benz GLA , Audi Q3, Hyundai Santa FE.
Price : 20 to 50 lakhs.

Nissan patrol :

Nissan patrol twinkle torque
Nissan is hitting the market with its high end luxury SUV. With 5.6 liters of petrol engine. Its expected to have a mileage of 5 around 5 to 6 kms. And one of the important feature would be its 140 litres of petrol tank.
competitors : Toyota land cruiser, Mercedes Benz GLS.
Price : greater than 1 crores.

Nissan X trail :

Nissan X trail twinkle torque
Its upgrade version of the Nissan X trail launched in 2014. But with complete make over. It dint had seat in 3rd row in it’s previous versions which was main flaw in the its past which Nissan want to take care in the up coming model. new SUV will have 1.6 or 2 litres of diesel engine which will come in Active Drive Control.
 Price : 20 to 50 lakhs

Bentley Bentayga : 

Bentley Bentayga SUV twinkle torque
Its another luxury car from British car manufacture  Bentley. 2000 of these SUV are booked even before the manufacturing started. it surely seems too be legendary  car.
 Price : starts at 3.5 crores.

Toyota Fortuner (2016) :

Toyota Fortuner (2016) twinkle torque
Its the famous Toyota fortuner with new looks which is designed on the basis of tenth generation of helix pick up truck. which is designed considering both on and off road drives. It will have major changes in its interior and exterior designs from the previous version.
 Price : 20 to 50 lakhs

BMW X1 :

BMW X1 twinkle torque

Its called BMW’s  Baby Mini SUV. it was revealed in Frankfort Auto expo. it’ll have more space enclosed in it . expected to have a front wheel drive too.

Price : 20 to 50 lakhs  

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