TVS Motors secures Patent for its a Power Propulsion System for a Hybrid Two-Wheeler.

TVS Motor has obtained a patent for its a power propulsion system for a hybrid two-wheeler. The motorcycle was first showcased on board Qube concept back in Delhi Auto Expo 2010. The application for a patent relating to a hybrid two wheeler with the hub-mounted motor was filed by the company back in 2008 at Chennai patent office.

TVS has filed an application for a patent relating to a power propulsion system for a hybrid two wheeler with the hub-mounted motor in 2008 at Chennai patent office.

A conventional two-wheeler is coupled to an internal combustion engine. which consumes more fuel as wellas they pollute. At present several manufacturers are planning to build electric vehicles. The electric bikes/scooters have some limitations so to overcome that the company is trying to go with the hybrid system in the two-wheeler segment. Example
Example Bajaj  hero

A hybrid two-wheeler is nothing but it is equipped with two power sources, an electric motor and an IC engine. The IC engine is the main power producing unit and the electric motor assists the engine as well as a used for the backup power source.
 TVS hybrid technology is still under process, according to the patent application. The patent application says that the hybrid system has some additional motion transmitting parts, which is claimed to have improved the net power transmission efficiency as well as less pollution.

The hybrid system from TVS Motors in automatic scooters (as per patent application) is claimed to reduce carbon emission by around 30% while resulting in 30% increase in fuel efficiency.

The first iteration of Cube concept experimented on an electric motor to assist its 4-stroke engine which was derived from TVS Scooty Pep+. The second iteration of Cube concept was featured a 109.7 cc engine working in conjunction with a hub-mounted electric motor, which runs on lithium-ion battery pack on board to support the electric motor. which was showcased at Delhi Auto Expo-2012.

However, there no official announcement by TVS Motors about the launch of Hybrid vehicles in the Indian market.

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