TVS Motors gets patent for solving one of the biggest problems of motorcycle riders ..!

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In it’s quest for patents south Indian motorcycle manufacturer TVS has  obtained another patent on Thursday19 January 2017, for a device that could detect the incoming call to the cellphone of rider or pillion rider. This patent application has been filled in 2008 but after years of verification process finally TVS has been granted the patent by Patent Office at Chennai.

Whats it about ?

Usually motorcycle riders tend to keep their mobile phones either in their pockets or in bags. But most of the time it’s hard to hear the incoming call, Due to the noise and disturbance due to the motion of vehicle . So TVS had came up with a device that could detect the the incoming call around the proximity of the vehicle (motorcycle) and indicate it on dashboard so that the rider could be aware of this and won’t miss any important calls. It will be working by observing the wide band of signals around its proximity and recognizing the change of signal to indicate an incoming call

Is it safe ?

Even though its an arguable whether it’s safe for the rider to pick the call while driving. It could be use full for the pillion rider as well as rider if he/she chooses to stop the motorcycle to pick the call instead of receiving it on the go. Or there might be a plan with TVS to integrate this device with some other technology  so that it won’t effect the safety of the rider. As It could be clearly seen in the IRIDE app that TVS has Released earlier in 2016.

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