TVS Motor gets a Patent for Headlight Mounting Arrangement

The patent office in Chennai has granted the patent to TVS. TVS Motor gets a patent protection for headlight mounting arrangement. Where this innovation can also be applied in the  two-wheeler, three-wheelers, and all terrain vehicles.

Headlight mounting arrangement

TVS going to use a sheet bracket which helps to reduce the possibilities of breaking of the front cover or fixtures.This improves quality as well as headlight assembly will have high durability.

TVS Motor Headlight Mounting – What this innovation does??

  1. It may save against potential damage but in a case of the conventional headlight, it will cause more damage.
  2. It improves the life of the front part of the vehicle.
  3. Repairing costs will reduce.

When it comes to motocycles, the headlight assembly is mounted on the handlebar. While the front cover contains signaling device and the rear cover contains the controls. The whole headlight assembly fixtures are made up of plastic/fiber. The weight of the headlight assembly is borne by the front cover and the fixtures. hence the durability of the headlight assembly (includes front cover and the fixtures ) are affected most likely leading to breakage in extreme cases. Now the weight of the headlamp assembly is transferred to the handlebar.

The new innovation by TVS Motors results in improving the life of the front portion and quality of the motorcycle.

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