Top 10 luxury car brands in the world that are redefining magnificence ..!

#Top 10 luxury car brands

                      Cars have been the heart of the modern transport system. Even though the cars have made it to necessity commodities, it doesn’t seem to let go of its tight grip 0n the luxury category. Therefore cars can be primarily classified into two different categories ‘Cars for necessity’, ‘Cars for luxury’. Even though pretty much every own car, but it will be every one dream to own a top end luxury car. So here we are trying to compile a list of Top 10 luxury car brands and the top 10 luxury car companies who manufacture these cars.

It was a tough job organizing this list of Top 10 luxury car brands, because of the lots and lots of car brands that claim to give the most luxurious ride, but we shortlisted the top best among them. The ranking is based on features available, Safety Features, Performance,  the Price range of the cars under that brand, Number if cars sold per year, Revenue for the company through these brands.

Top 10 luxury car brands List:

11.(honorary mention)  Acura:

A brand under Japanese automaker Honda Motor company, name Acura has been heard every time someone takes about the luxurious cars. As the company says ‘Precision Crafted Performance’, high-end luxury and performance have been the trademark of the company. The price point of the cars under Acura ranges from 28,930$ to 150,940$. Acura is always seen among the best-selling luxury car brands.

10. Ferrari:

Yes everyone knows that Ferrari is a sports car brand. But the Italian auto brand holds its state in luxury category too. With nearly 8000 units made in 2016, the company had revenue of about 3.105 billion pounds. Being the most successful racing team, off the racing track Ferrari is seen as the symbol of luxury. On an average a Ferrari cost from 188,425$ to 400,000$.

9. Porsche:

A German car brand that is known for its performance, Porsche has been known for its luxury features also. Owned by Volkswagen AG, it has a strong line-up of the luxury cars of price tag from 28,930$ to all the way to 200,000$. Porsche offers top end features in its cars. In the year 2016 company revenue of the company was around 21.53 billion dollars.

8. Audi:

  Another brand under German automaker Volkswagen. Audi is a luxury car designed to fit the needs of everyone. With the slogan of ‘truth in engineering’ cars under brand Audi is a remarkable feat of engineering. The estimated revenue of Audi in sales is around 58.42 billion dollar. While Audi cars cost from 28,095$ to somewhat around 115,400$.

7. BMW:

BMW is one of the best-selling luxury car brands in the world. It’s one of the companies you cannot ignore when you are listing luxurious cars. With the car under this brand leading most of the luxury segment. BMW cars ranges from 30,025$ to 103,225$. The annual revenue of BMW is around 95 billion.

6. Mercedes-Benz:

  German based automobile manufacturer under a company called Daimler AG. This, not a big surprise that why it’s here in this list. With the slogan ‘Best or Nothing’ they produce best in the class luxury cars. The total revenue 108 billion dollars in the year 2016, Mercedes-Benz deserves a spot on this list. Benz cars cost around 34,475$ to 119,900$.

5. Aston Martin:

Aston Martin is a British automobile manufacturer of luxury sports cars. Aston Martin had a couple of cameo in James Bond movies. The car is considered to be an icon of British culture. The revenue of the brand is estimated about 593.5 million dollars.  A cost of owning an Aston Martin ranges from 118,650$ to 200,000$.

4. Lamborghini:

An Italian company owned by Audi which intern owned by Volkswagen. Lamborghini has been a symbol of sheer power and luxury. Lamborghini Aventador and the Lamborghini Huracan are the two crowned jewels of Lamborghini. It takes 200,000$ to own a Lamborghini. Yearly revenue of Lamborghini is estimated at 586 million dollars.

3. Rolls-Royce:

  Rolls-Royce is the manufacturer of pure luxury cars. Owned by BMW (yeah..! it made it to the list too) Rolls-Royce started sales from 2003. Even though Rolls-Royce existed prior to that BMW made Rolls-Royce doesn’t have any direct link with it. Actually, Bentley Motors were the direct successor of previous Rolls-Royce which again owned by Volkswagen. Rights to Spirit of Ecstasy and iconic grill shape of Rolls-Royce was then bought by BMW from Volkswagen AG. The annual revenue of Rolls-Royce is about 15 billion. The average cost of a Rolls-Royce is about 200,000$.

2. Bugatti:

   Second on the list of Top 10 luxury car brands is Bugatti. Originally a French high-performance automobile manufacturer, currently owned by German automobile company Volkswagen ( yees sss..! Volkswagen again …!). Bugatti Veyron was the solo soldier of Bugatti family until 2016. Now it is being replaced by Bugatti Chiron which is considered to be the successor of Bugatti Veyron. The cost of a Bugatti is around 1.7 million to 2million dollars.

1. Maybach:

First on the list is Maybach, A German car manufacturer. Today owned by Mercedes-Benz. All the brands in the above list are a luxury brand but for Maybach will be categorized as an ultra-luxury brand because of impeccable high-end luxury features offered by it. It’s no doubt that Maybach won’t let any other car manufacturer sit in this place. Top spot is a well-deserved for Maybach.

This was our pick for ‘Top 10 luxury car brands ‘…

  • What do you think about the list?
  • Which one you think is the Top 10 luxury car brand?
  • Which one you’ll own if got chance (Or already have)?

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