The Reason for Engine seizure in Bike or Car | What actually happens inside??

Engine seizure

Engine seizure means that engine has locked/frozen/fails. The locked rear wheel will lock but in fact is that the crankshafts not turning in its main bearing. Engine seizure can be dangerous if it happens when the vehicle is moving at higher RPM/ Speed. The engine’s parts can get stuck, eventually, it will lock the rear wheel.

The reason for Engine seizure:

  1. Low engine oil – Low oil level in the engine can cause the engine to heat up to higher temperature exponentially and lead to engine failure. Where the due to high temp the engine materials will loose its properties. even the friction between the parts will be more, causes engine seizure.
  2. Use of wrong fuel – If the engine is fed with wrong fuel. like petrol in Diesel engine and vice-versa can cause engine seizure.
  3. Adulterated fuel – if Present engines are fed with low-quality fuel, it may fail. Mixed fuel does not provide enough power to move the pistons and can cause irreversible damage to the engine.  The Adulterated fuel will have low combustible properties as it loses due to mixing.
  1. Hydrolocking – If water enters the engine block, an engine will fail. If water enters into the engine the piston needs more power to push it out and even the engine may fail to do so, Due high-pressure push from water to the engine. When water enters from the air-intake, can cause huge damage to the engine.
  2. Failure of Radiator – Radiator is used to cool down the engine temperature to an optimal level.  If the radiator stops working, it can cause the engine temperature to rise exponentially and causing an engine to fail.
  3. Insufficient Coolant in the Radiator: The coolant at least should be in minimum level or else due to insufficient cooling, the engine will fail.
  4. Oil-sump breaking – If the oil sump hits any obstacle and breaks, the engine oil will drain out due to damage. An engine running without oil can seize.
  5. Cold seizure: Thermo imbalance of piston cylinder.
  6. Lack of warm up.
  7. Excessive temp different between inlet to outlet on engine

Fundamental motorcycling advice:

  • Check and maintain your bike regularly.
  • Wear all safety gears.
  • Before going for a long ride; check for engine oil, coolant.

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