Shocking News ..!! Bajaj Pulsar RS200’s Handlebar breaks down during a mid way road trip to Rajmachi, Maharashtra..!?!!

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Yet another bad news for RS200 riders..!!!

Recently after a Bajaj pulsar RS200 caught fire in a middle of a road in Bangalore, which led to a controversial debate among motorcycle enthusiasts. Now a vlogger from Maharashtra has posted a video of  Bajaj pulsar RS200’s handlebar which got broken during a road trip.

Twinkle Torque |Bajaj Pulsar RS200's Handlebar breaks down during a mid way road trip to Rajmachi

A vlogger namely Life Rover  has posted a video of a road trip to Rajmachi, Maharashtra with his buddies, but one of the rider fell down and found his Bajaj RS200’s handlebar was broken. From the video its clear that it was a minor fall and rider had visibly no injuries, but the shocking thing was that the handlebar of pulsar RS200 which he was riding was broken in to two parts.

This incident evokes the quite a bit of quality concerns among the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 owners and enthusiasts. we can only hope that Bajaj will take a serious actions with regards to this and look into these problems considering safety and satisfaction of fellow riders.

More images of Bajaj RS200 broken handlebar :

Watch complete video of Life Rover here :

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