Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark will be no more..? Production Stopped..?

There is a news that the royal Enfield’s Electra series will be pulled off the market due to the less profit margin for the company when compared to the other motor cycle of the company that  are on the market.
But there is no official confirmation yet about this but there is a significantly substantial move by the company which  fairly suggest that the rumors are true. That was by Removing the Electra series of their official website.

royal enfield electra discontinued

Electra series are the motor cycle with 346cc engine whose production started back in 2001. Which comes with 4 or 5 speed gear box. The biggest change that was brought to this motor cycle was the he introduction of electric start and TCI ignition.
In 2010 UCE engine was introduced in this series.

royal-enfield-bullet-electra-deluxe twinkle torque

Presently Royal Enfield Electra which is called Electra twinspark that is sold in the market for roughly 1.21 lakhs * .  Has potential claims that it’s prod will be stopped and it will be sold in showroom till the stock lasts and there will be no more Electra in the market..!
Even though this not official but the official reveal will be the final nails in the coffin..!

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