Royal Enfield CGT 750 Twin Spotted with ABS | Expected to be a Dual-Channel ABS System | launch early next year

Royal Enfield has been planning on launching a new range of motorcycles and target new range of customers across the globe.

Royal Enfiled, after four decades launching Twin cylinder motorcycle. Recently Continental GT 750 or whatever motorcycle the twin cylinder spawns which is cruising more than 150kmph. And in the latest update says that the motorcycle spotted testing with sporting ABS. which was spotted somewhere near Tamilnadu, India.

The rings on the front tyre confirm the presence of ABS (Anti lock braking system) and it is expected to be a dual-channel ABS system. The sensor wire can be clearly seen.

Will it be reliable enough?

The new RE’s twin cylinder is faster and more powerfull. But we expect and hope for best quality. we wish that bike been texted thoroughly unlike Himalayan-carb.

  • 750cc in-line twin cylinder & Modified Continental chassis.
  • Max torque is expected to be between 50-60 Nm.
  • Disc brakes with dual channel ABS.

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