Royal Enfield 750cc bike with twin cylinder engine spotted testing in India | Will it be Continental GT ?

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It was clear that Royal Enfield is working on something big with the big engines that was expected hit the market soon. Now all these claims are strengthening up with a spied images of Royal Enfield with 750cc and twin cylinder engine.

The image was taken while the bike was under testing in Indian road condition, precisely in Chennai, Tamil Nadu  which is the home town of Royal Enfield in India.

The spotted mule was observed to be having:

  1.  A huge 750 cc engine.
  2.  Twin cylinder.
  3.  Matte Black exhaust canisters.

Is it a new version of Royal Enfield Continental GT ?

The bike spotted in India has similar looks as the modified Royal Enfield Continental GT  that was spotted in Spain few months earlier. Where there has been many modification done to chassis as well as other design aspects. Even that model consist of  750cc engine with twin cylinder.

Or can it be a entirely new bike that Royal Enfield is presenting to the market ?

There is also news that Royal Enfield is coming up with entirely new Bike. And using the body of Continental GT just to hide the new bike while testing the Engine and its performance.

**. But there is no official confirmation on this yet.

 The is expected to be :

  •    Power over 50 Bhp.
  •    Torque over 60Nm.
  •    And its expected to be released by the end of this year (2017).

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