Ransomware WannaCry: Major Automotive Manufactures Shuts Down their Production units to Protect from Cyber attack

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In India: The two south India banks, two manufacturing companies from Delhi, an FMCG company, 102 computers of Andhra Police and other multinational companies were affected by malware.

The cyber attack, ransomware has impacted some automobile companies like Renault, Nissan and Dacia that halted their production for some days on their sites. The Cyber attack creates fear amongst Indian vehicle manufacturers.

     Renault Nissan’s Chennai plant to a standstill because of Cyber attack. Fearing a potential threat to the processes and critical data. The Renault has issued an immediate advisory and took preventive measures to protect themselves from the malware.

The Honda Cars India also issued an advisory stopping the use of the laptop except for the office and also informed the workers not download any documents from online.

The Maruti Suzuki India spokesperson said that they are not been impacted by the global cyber attack till now. As preventive measures have been taken to counter any such attack. The company has issued advisories messages to employees not to access any unknown emails or links, which could lead to malware attacks.

The India Yamaha Motor, Roy Kurian, Sr Vice President, Sales & Marketing said that they didn’t had any impact of malware on the company.  The company has their own IT cell in place to prevent all kinds of cyber attacks. The company has installed relevant firewalls to prevent attacks.

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Ransomware is a new form of digital extortion. It locks down systems by encrypting all your personal data which is stored in your computer. To release all your documents a ransom amount has been paid. It targets a loophole in the Windows operating system.

Till now there is no major impact of the malware on the automobile industry. But we are waiting for the company details.Since it was the weekend so there is no more information about the production halts from auto companies. Over 57,000 computers across 99 countries.

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