Pros and Cons of All New Yamaha FZ25 (250 FI) | Six Positive things, Five Negative Things | All You Need To Know


India Yamaha Motor has launched quarter-litre motorcycle called all new Yamaha FZ25 at an attractive price tag of INR 1,19,500. The motorcycle is bolted on a Diamond frame & also comes with LED headlight, as in Bajaj Dominar 400.

Mechanically, the motorcycle is powered by a single cylinder, 249cc, oil-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve, fuel injected motor. Which delivers 20.69 PS of power @ 8,000 rpm and maximum torque of 20 Nm @ 6000 rpm. The motor is mated to a five-speed transmission.

Pros–positive things of yamaha fz25

1. Performance:

Yamaha has always been a brand with its performance in India with products like the iconic Yamaha RX100 and the legendary Yamaha RD350, Brand Yamaha continued popularity as a manufacturer of performance bikes in the Indian market. when we look back few decades yamaha with two-stroke engines phased out, Yamaha was left out in the lurch with lacklustre commuter motorcycle products, until the birth of the sporty Yamaha YZF-R15 and the 150 cc FZ series. Earlier today, Yamaha Motors launched the most awaited Yamaha FZ25 performance motorcycle in India. The most powerful Yamaha bike to be manufactured in India.

2. Mileage:

Even though its a 250cc motorcycle, the new FZ25 is claimed to come with an excellent 43kmpl of mileage. In fact, the bike is expected to deliver around 35kmpl to 40kmpl.

1. Official: 43kmpl
2. City: 35kmpl
3. Highways: 40kmpl

3. LED Headlamps with AHO:

The Yamaha FZ25 comes with LED headlights, which comes with new feature AHO (Auto Headlights On) which makes the yamaha FZ25 only the second Indian bike to get LED headlights. The AHO feature comes on the government’s mandate to consider all motorcycles with this feature from April 2017.

4. kerb weight/ light weight:

The Yamaha FZ25 forecast the model at just 148 kg (wet) to make it the lightest 250-cc motorcycle of 2017.

5. Fully-Digital Instrument Cluster:

The Yamaha FZ25 comes with all digital display in the design of instrument cluster. The all digital display shows info like instantaneous fuel economy, fuel gauge, trip meter, tachometer and speedometer.

6. Price tag:

The Yamaha FZ25 is the most affordable 250cc motorcycle in India at INR 1,19,500 (ex-showroom Delhi).


Cons– negative things of yamaha fz25

1. look /design /stylishness:

It is not that the new FZ25 looks displeasing. which never looked striking in the first place i.e, nothing beats the original FZ16’s visuals. Some key feautures, like the exhaust canister, are shared with the common FZS. This makes the FZ25 a bit vulgur to look at its design. It doesn’t have good visuals, but being Yamaha its not.

2. Cooling system-Oil cooled:

The yamaha Fz25 comes with an air cooled engines. The major benefit of oil cooling is that it is a lot more efficient than air cooling which most Indian bikes use.

3. Power Output:

When compared withsame segment (250cc) motorcycles, Where theyproduce more poer than new FZ25. Recently 2017 Yamaha YZF R15 V3.0 was revealed with same power output, this isbit disappointing in the FZ25. However, yamaha FZ250 has a Low Weight to boast & even more flickable motorcycle in city.

4. Transmission-5-speed gear:

Lack of 6 gear, The yamaha fz25 comes with 5 the FZ25 feels a bit left out in that department.

5. No ABS:

The two-wheeler manufacturers putting the life saving safety feature these days, the exclusion of it on the FZ25 becomes questionable for yamaha.


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  • February 14, 2017 at 6:39 am

    Hy ini FZ25 blm masuk k Jakarta atau indonesia ya klau d indonesia brp harganya nih…..


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