No LEH registered bikes will enter Manali similarly, Himachal Pradesh registered bikes will not be allowed to the Ladakh.

Ladakh Bikers Cooperative Limited (LBCL)-Leh and Ladakh has issued a circular to all its members that in future no Leh registered bikes will enter Manali. similarly, no HP registered bikes will be allowed to do any commercial activities in the Ladakh region.

This circular and action were taken due to following reason – On June 3rd and 5th 2017, Manali Bikers Association captured and hostaged around 40 bikers from Ladakh, Which includes Ladakh Bikers Cooperative Limited (LBCL) with the clients. They forced thses people to load their bikes onto the trucks and forcefully sent back to Leh.

Ladakh Bikers Cooperative Limited (LBCL) with the help of the local government body (LAHDC) headed by Shri Dr. Sonam Dawa and EC’s were able to release hostaged around 40 bikers after 4 days of immense mental torture.

No LBCL/02/2017 dated 9th June 2017, this circulation, action was passed and it will be effective. In future no Leh Ladakh registered bike will enter Manali while similarly Himachal Pradesh registered bikes will not be permitted inside the Ladakh region. SERCHU will be the future pick-up and drop point for touring avtivities in LEH-LADAKH for LBCL.

This will be burden and affects thousands of bikers who head towards Leh-Ladah every year. These tourists rent bikes from Manali, Himachal Pradesh and etc.. here hundreds of such businesses will go on loss.

NOTE: People who are planning a ride to Leh-Ladakh this time, make sure that you are not riding Himachal Pradesh registered motorcycle. This new rule is only applies to Himachal Pradesh registered rented/commercial motorcycles.

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