Motorcyclist Burns to Death in the Road Accident | Onlookers busy clicking Photographs

Beed-Maharashtra: recent video released by NDTV, A man is inundated in flames on the highway when bike collided with another bike. Shocking incident is the onlookers, cars drivers, and two-wheelers riders didn’t come forward to help/ save him from the fire. As seen in the video some that onlookers were started capturing the video and photographs on their phones instead of helping the crash victim. Both have died in this yesterday’s incident.

Both have died in this yesterday’s incident. When the two bikers collided, one of them was trapped under the burning motorcycle. As per the police, the man probably didn’t shout for help as he was unconscious from a head injury. When police came to the spot and put out the fire. The motorcyclist was charred to death and unable to recognition him. The other biker died in hospital today.

The police started investigating whether one of the bikers was carrying any alcohol or spirit bottles which could have a reason for the fire.

Senior police officer G Sreedhar said, “Since the number plates on the bike were burnt, we are unable to get much details about the victim. All we could tell from the plates was that the bike was registered in Parbhani (a town nearby). We have given the plate to the Regional Transport Office, which can give us details.”

Video below:

Source: NDTV

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