Modified Royal Enfield 350 Classic Named “Ambadnya” by Maratha Motorcycles in New Mumbai, India


Maratha Motorcycles was started in September 2014. The mission of the Maratha Motorcycle: When we finish customizing your bike it will become an extension of your mind, body, and soul. It will become a finger print which will only be unique to you

आरंभ हे प्रचंड,युद्ध मे अखंड I
में तेज वो सावर हूं,शक्ति की ललकार हूं II
The controller of cosmic function personified on cosmic built

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The modification work done on the RoyalEnfiled 350 Classic.
For more please go through the following work details.

Paint job All the body parts ( tank, panels, fenders), chassis, swingarm, front skull, front suspension bottoms, rear suspensions etc.


1)Sanding/scraping: all this body parts and frames was specially scrapped and cleaned before the paint procedures.
2) Grey Esther / Primer: This is grey colored solution or paint was applied on total body parts for corrosion and rust-free long life.
3) Lambi: The thin layer of Lambi was sprayed uniformly on the body part surface to make it smooth and hide the pinholes.
4) Base coat: we have used black is the base coat for our paint job. Black DuPont paint is used for our Paint job.
5) Airbrush graphics: Airbrush smoke-themed graphics has been done on total body parts. At the side portion of the tank, we have written mahamrutunjay mantra with red and white colour. Company symbols also made in white colour. DuPont paint shades are used for the graphics job.
6) pearlescent paint:   for the special dual shining effect we have used bright blue pearl. After completing the graphics pearls sprayed on the body surface.
7) clear coat: it’s 2k DuPont clear coat we have used on the surface. Two clear coats has been done for this paintjob for best shining finish.

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Note – same paint procedures are carried out for our helmet also.

1) custom handlebar: handle bar was made from 3mm thick seamless hydraulic industrial pipe for best strength and built quality. Further it has been bent on industrial bending machines.
2) custom Grips: we have made custom hand grips, foot grips, and rear foot pegs for this job. Hand Gripps were made from Aluminum for light weight and function. Foot grips were made from mild steel for strength. Various machining processes was carried out for its final shape and finishing. E.g. turning, slotting, knurling, boring etc. Special rubber Gripps used for Gripping.
3) Bar end indicators: it’s made from stainless steel. Dual light circuit has been used inside the acrylic housing.
4) custom cruise mirrors: these set of mirrors has been imported.
5) custom multifunction indicators These set of indicators are made of metal casting. Special multi function LED circuits has been made for these.
6) custom bobber tail lamp: This brake/tail lamp is imported .
4) custom exhaust and exhaust wrap: these set of mirrors has been imported.exhaust body is made from stainless steel pipe and special end cap is made from aluminum.
Special automotive glass and metal grill wool is used inside the exhaust. Exhaust bend pipe was powder coated black and then wrapped by black fiberglass wrap.
7) custom number plates: custom number plates has been made from acrylic and aluminum thick sheets.
8) custom seats:  both the seats has been made from high-density cushion. Coffee coloured Bamboo old school texture of rexin is used for the covering.
9) Hard chromed Alloy wheels: Hard chromed Alloy wheels are specially made for this project.
Mechanical work: The bike was totally dismantled for the paint job and further assembled after completing the all the finish procedures. Wiring has been altered and repaired for new light circuits.
10)Zinc treatment: All the fasteners and old axles has been coated by zinc for further rust free life.
11) Sheet metal work: these set of mirrors has been imported.
12) powder coating and chroming – Powder coating has been done on custom parts .e.g. guards, bend pipes, handlebar etc. Chroming has been done on some custom parts e.g. Grips, exhaust end cap.
13) custom fitments – custom fitments has been done for foot grips and foot pegs on original mountings. Allen groves and MS bolts are used for it.

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>Customization Work cost – INR 1,12,000
>Work period – 25 days

————————————–Ride your bike like you live your life, CUSTOMIZED—————————————

Contact details: Shrikant N Dalvi.
Mobile no: 8655574430, 9664294126
Facebook Id: Maratha Motorcycles


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