Metal Chunk falls off from the rear alloy of Bajaj Dominar 400 While riding on smooth 4-lane highway | Quality issue??

UPDATE – 9th July 2017

The conclusion from the Bajaj experts that the quality of the alloy was not an issue in this present case regarding alloy break. They have checked the alloy’s porosity and other quality related checks. The final result was that the alloy quality is same as that of other alloys of Dominar 400. Bajaj says that there can be 2-reasons for the alloy to break. First thing that the bike was abused or missused previously, which could have developed a crackin the alloy. Second thing is that the consequential breakage of alloy due to sudden impact when bike fell on the road when rider lost his control while taking corner.

8th July 2017

Yesterday we have reported a news regarding Bajaj Dominar 400 Suspension and alloy crack. Now one of the Bajaj Dominar 400 owner named Manav Smith (30-year-old) purchased his bike in April 2017, till now he has done 1,300 kms.

Earlier this week, Manav Smith and  Ayan Jyoti Smith (his brother – 25 yr old ) were riding on the Guwahati to Shillong highway. On the way, they met with an accident. Ayan was riding and Manav Smith was sitting pillion along the 4-laned Guwahati – Shillong highway. The highway was smooth without any path-holes. So, they maintained a speed of about 50 mph because the highway isn’t straight enough – Zigzag a bit (with turns and bends). While taking a smooth bend [  corner ], he lost his control on his bike and both fell on the road.

Both completely baffled, they started looking for reasons, why they fell off on the smooth road.  Ayan was injured where his hands, chest, and knee got hurt and his helmet too. Manav escaped from injury.

Both pulled fallen Dominar400 to the side of the road and started inspecting the bike and then they realized the rear tyre was flattened completely. Initially, they thought it was a puncture (But tubeless tyre won’t get flat in a fraction of seconds) that caused them to lose control and fall but when they looked all over the wheel they found broken part!!!.

Manav Smith Post on Facebook

Dominar was supposed to be Bajaj ‘s Flagship bike but I am sorry to say that it has a quality issue with the alloys. I was riding the bike when suddenly the alloy broke off and its chunk fell of and I too fell from the bike with it. I didn’t do anything , all of a sudden i got misbalanced and fell off. Now the bajaj workshop guys in Guwahati i.e UNNATI bajaj are saying that they don’t have spare parts for dominar especially the alloys. And they don’t believe me that it can happen on its own. But my point is alloys are very strong and should be able to withstand harsh impact and it can crack or bend but not like this. Bajaj Dominar please look into it …..

When they realized a chunk of the rear alloy had come off from its left side of the alloy. Both searched for the fallen part but were unable to find it. Due to the mishap the fall damaged fuel tank extensions, brake lever, exhaust and crash guard too bent due to the impact.

What showroom says

Manav reached Bajaj service center named Unnati Bajaj in Guwahati, where he explained the whole scene. The service manager didn’t believe the Manav’s story. The service staff personnel opined that Manav must have done something else because there is no way that an alloy can break while riding at 50 kmph that too on smooth highway.


The service manager rejected to repair the bike under warranty so manav requested his Bajaj Dominar to be repaired by claiming insurance. Unfortunately, the dealer said it would take about 2 months to resolve as there are no spares available currently. Now his bike is parked at the service centre. The incident is being reported to Bajaj Auto and they have shared the details with respective department and the whole team is investigating the issue by experts.


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