Maruti Swift flattered under a overloaded truck claiming the lives of 5 people !

@Chomu Circle, Jaipur,Rajasthan

Yet another time a over loaded was responsible for the lives of 5 people. In a horrific accident took place in Chomu Circle, Jaipur,Rajasthan . Where a massive 18 wheels truck overloaded with salt bags flipped on top of a Maruti Swift which completely flattered the swift claiming the lives of 5 people in side it.

The truck was taking a turn at flipped on the Maruti Swift higher speed and over loaded cargo being the reason. The Swift which was in the inner lane got crushed under monstrous weight of  truck (roughly  weighing around 41 tonnes).  Which turned the swift into mere sheet of metal ! brutally killing all the people on board.



The accident took place around 4 am But the Swift was discovered discovered only after 6am, when crane lifted the truck. Victims are said be traveling to Naharghar Fort for a wedding, unfortunately engaged couples were also there in the car !. The  bodies are completely disfigured under the sheer weight of the truck.  The driver and cleaner fled the spot and cops are in search of them.


  Indian roads are filled with dozen of idiots. Our safety should be our priority. So here by we request every one to drive safely. Your life is more important.


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