MapmyIndia Launches Rover Bike, A Real-time Motorcycle Tracking Device

@MapmyIndia has launched a Real-time GPS based, motorbike & scooter tracking device

MapmyIndia, India’s leader in premium-quality digital maps, GPS tracking, GPS navigation, location-based apps and geographic information system (GIS) solutions, has now launched a useful GPS tracking device named The Rover Bike in India and has been priced at Rs. 3,990 by the company.  After fitting of this device(Rover Bike) onto their motorbike, users can keep a track of their vehicle with their mobile apps on Android, IOS, and Windows.

The Rover Bike essentially allows users to keep a track of their vehicle’s in real-time. The Rover Bike doesn’t just provide live location-based updates but also gives notifications related to over-speeding, ignition on/off, geo-fence (They can also see the expected time of arrival at a particular destination), engine idling. This bike security system ensures security, safety, compliance and maintenance of your motorbike.

The company also gives a smart feature to its users that they can store important documents electronically in their apps such as Driving License, Registration Certificate, Insurance Policy and Pollution Certificate etc., are relayed to users via the mobile app, SMS, and emails.

The device is already available on MapmyIndia website and comes with a manufacturer warranty of 12 months. The above-mentioned price includes the device as well as SIM charges but the service for the device can be bought for Rs. 2,400 a year, the company said.


The alerts over SMS/ Email:

  1. Alerts will be sent to the only single mobile phone & email ID.
  2. SMS are payable & to be purchased from the store.
  3. Emails are free of cost.

Easy to use, the comprehensive GPS tracking system for your bike:

  1. Document holder.
  2. Safety & security alerts.

The mobile application shows separate drives taken on a particular day with additional information like:

  1. The mobile application also shows full history for a particular day.
  2. The total duration of the drive.
  3. Total distance covered in the drive.
  4. Start and end location with time for a drive.
  5. Average speed in the drive.
  6. The full history is shown with instantaneous speed and address of the particular location.

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