Malshej Ghat: Bajaj Pulsar 220F rider crashes onto a tempo while cornering in ghat section – Video

What happens when a rider won’t stick to his lane while taking on a corner.

YouTuber named InfoClone, Who was on his Honda CBR 250R captures a video of his fellow rider who was on Bajaj Pulsar 220F. This accident took place when they are riding to Malshej Ghat. The Bajaj Pulsar 220 rider was taking on a corner on a ghat section ( In the video). he made an attempt to overtake the car in front (same lane), But he failed to notice the oncoming tempo(opposite lane). Bajaj Pulsar 220F tries to move out of the way, the tempo driver notices his(biker) move and he turns to opposite direction of the biker. This saves them from head on collision. but Pulsar 220F rider hits to the side-rear portion of the tempo, & falls down on the ground. His rider friend on Honda CBR 250R, who was just behind and even he crash into the Bajaj Pulsar 220. Watch the video below.

The most important rules of riding/driving are that you need to stick to your lane. Even on straight roads as well as corner/blind corner. Improper judgment will cause most accidents by going out of your lane.


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