Lower Spec Mahindra Mojo Spotted Testing | Missing Features

Mahindra seems to have settled down with Mojo in the market. Where the company is having good sales figures. We expected multiple motorcycles on the Mojo platform but here we can see a lower spec of Mojo version.

A low-cost Mojo has already been spied earlier but in the new set of spy images – Spy Pics credit: T.W.O.twowheelsonly.

Missing Features

  • Gets Carburetor instead of Fuel Injection  – You can clearly see a fuel knob under the tank, which means this version gets Carburetor
  • Gets Telescopic forks instead of USD Forks – we can see the conventional telescopic fork instead of Up-Side Down forks.
  • Gets Single Exhaust instead of Dual Exhaust – The left side exhaust is not to be seen. To achieve weight reduction which will obviously enhance power to weight ratio (if other specs are not changed).
  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso Tyres – Instead premium Pirellis swapped with MRF Zappers which are much cheaper.
  • Power and Torque – The bike gets carb variant so the power/torque  will be reduced by 1-2 BHP

We can expect there will be a drop in the price by Rs 25,000 – 30,000 !!

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