Lot of Quality issue faced by Royal Enfield Himalayan owners | Whats Royal Enfield’s reply ?

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It’s always a hard feeling to find your dream bike malfunction due to quality issues, It’s even harder if the you own a bike from reputed manufacturer like Royal Enfield ..!

The first thing that comes to our mind thinking of Royal Enfield would its shear reliability and though build quality. But considering the issues with the its latest arrival Royal Enfield Himalayan and a poor after marketing service, this opinion  is changing.

Its all started during it’s TVC shoot prior to the launch. When CS Santosh, (one of the Dakar rally racer ) landed the bike with right foot peg broken. Due to his experience he was able to manage the situation. Ever since that many major issues are faced by the Royal Enfield Himalayan and some of them have made it to the lime light through online forums and social media, which has been viral all over the internet.

Few of the issue that’s posted about Royal Enfield Himalayna’s quality are :

        1. Chipping of paint inside the fuel tank:

some  Royal Enfield Himalayan owners had found out that there issues with the paint that has been coated around the inner wall of fuel tank , which intern resulted in blockage of  fuel valves. Killing fuel supply to the engine.

      2. Suspension quality issues:

There are may major  issues with suspension built quality ,especially front. Which is considered to be vital and deciding factor for the off-road bikes as  Royal Enfield Himalayan.

      3. Fly wheel key that split into halves :

One of the owner has issues regarding fly wheel key , where it has broken into two pieces..!

      4. Cracked chassis of Royal Enfield Himalayan:

multiple  Royal Enfield Himalayan owners has reported issue regarding chassis defects and cracking due to lower quality. which is quite shocking for the the bike that is built for off roading.

**.  Many of the owners are planning to sue Royal Enfield in court for the issues that they are facing .

Meanwhile a set of instruction containing the replacement parts has been sent to the Royal Enfield service stations by the higher authorities.

Royal Enfield being one of the reputed motorcycle manufacturer, we all expect to resolve this issues and keep customer satisfaction as their to priority…

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