How to increase the mileage of your bike ??


Most often asked question from all motorcyclists is How to increase the mileage of your bike??  So here is solution for your questions.

1.Maintain constant speed

We like to rev our bike!! Yes, twisting your throttle hard and immediately applying the brake in the traffic. So, that great amount of fuel will get wasted. To obtain great mileage we have to maintain constant speed which will help in feeding equal and required amount of fuel into your engine chamber. Maintaining a constant speed throughout the journey with properly using of the throttle, this will increase the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle. Optimum speed to get good mileage is 30-50 km/hr.

twinkle torque duke speedometer


2.High gear low speed

Yes, high gear @ low speed plays a major role in increasing the mileage of your motorcycle. Being in high gear and low RPM increases your mileage because the workload on the engine will decrease.


3.Clean your air filter

Air filter plays the main role in providing a clean air into your engine’s combustion chamber. The combustion inside the engine chamber depends on the amount of air you sent into it, where clean air means better combustion so, there will be no wastage of fuel because of incomplete combustion is reduced. This will not only increases mileage but also help to keep engine healthy and clean. So, keep your air filter clean so that the fuel burns completely to get the best mileage from your motorcycle.

twinkle torque air_filters


4.Check spark plug

Always keep your spark plug cleaned. If spark plug is damaged or an overused, then spark plug wouldn’t perform at its best to complete its combustion in your engine’s chamber and ultimately you will lose out on mileage because of un-burnt fuel.

e3_spark_plugs_2_plug_twinkle torque


5.Do not use half clutch while in motion

Riding with half clutch will reduce that the power from your engine. It’s a very bad habit of using half clutch because all the power from the engine will not delivered to your drive train. This results in low mileage of your motorcycle. Use clutch only for shifting gear, stop unnecessary use clutch.

clutch-lever-2 twinkle torque


5.Check tyre air pressure

Always check the air pressure to its proper value as recommended by company. Read from the owner’s manual for the proper value of air pressure. Because of wrong air pressure will result in a drop in fuel efficiency of the motorcycle. To get best results follow the rules of manufacturing company’s air pressure chart or owner’s manual booklet.


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