How to plan a long ride on a motorcycle.

                      RIDING FEEDS THE SOUL!!
A frequently asked question from the visitor is that what is the best riding plan??especially in India !!many of them asked me how to you planned??,what is the right time,what is the right season,etc etc….
Today’s post is totally about riding tips includes how to plan for long road trip in India.

how to plan a long ride on motorcycle twinkle torque

1.Selection of the Bike

This is the most question able part of the road trip. As lot many people thinks that Royal Enfield is best machine.but know from past year we can see lot many bike are in market which are specially made for road trip.
  • You must be able to handle the bike even in tough condition.
  • Comfortable of machine is the most part

Which ever bike you ride but it must be very comfortable to you to go long  trip.I would recommend you to go with comfortable bike not someone who recommends you to take.

2.Perfect plan of itinerary

 India is massive country,It will be formidable task to itinerary.we must be ready to face all things happen in the journey so we must be aware of availability of hotels,garage,medical etc..
If you plan this place such as the golden quadrille-lateral highway , tribal locations in India, beaches, mountains,wildlife destinations,water falls  and many more…Plan properly as a chalk mark work so that you will have a proper idea of exact journey timing and etc stuffs….
how to plan a long ride on motorcycle twinkle torque

3.Expenses & Safety

  • Motorcycle:The main thing is to notice that your bike must be serviced for long ride such that you must  tune/ fix your bike to good condition that adjusting brake,mileage,headlamp,engine oil level/change,battery top-up,other digital & analogue testing,fix a flat tyres,clean your air filter, change cables, change your battery fuse, tighten  chain, adjust brakes, clean your air filter, etc so that you wont face any problem.I recommend you to take your bike to service before 7 days of journey or you must ride 100km after your bike service,i.e before going to road trip ,so that you can trouble shot if you find any bug in bike.Better invest some penny to get it set.
  • Crash Helmet:Now its compulsory to wear helmet India for both the rider!!. Its our safety to wear never under-estimate the importance of good helmet. so i suggest you to buy ISI approved helmet.Do make sure that you put on a brand new clear visor without any scratches on your helmet before starting on your road trip.This will helps you to see clearly during rain and during night drives. A good helmet will costs around Rs.3,000 to 5,000.
  • First Aid Kit:Riding is a adventures machine,along with that we need to keep us safe so better carry first aid kit.its better to remain well prepared for all kind of will costs around Rs.2,000 to 2,500.
  • Riding Gears: Your safety comes first so,I prefer to wear an all weather armored jacket, riding gloves with air vents, knee guards, riding boots and a pair of will costs you around 12,000. I prefer you  to buy Cramster.
  • Basic Breakdown Charge:Its better to fix bike problem by yourself,because you may get breakdown any where so i can’t search for a mechanic so better you only fix.If you can’t fix it you must search for a mechanic,so that you much keep some Rs.1,000 to 1,500 for repair.
how to plan a long ride on motorcycle twinkle torque

4.Vehicle Documents

 It is mandatory in India to carry following documents .
  • Vehicle Registration Card.
  • Driving license.
  • It is mandatory in India to carry a motorcycle Insurance policy.
  • Medical(Health) Insurance policy.

5. Daily Expenses

Daily expenses may include of accommodation,food, petrol, water & miscellaneous.
Food:It will costs you around 300 more depending on your standards.
Accommodation:It will costs you around 500 INR more depending on your standards.

Petrol(gasoline):It will costs you around 500+ INR considering your daily ride of  220 km (approx./vary from your bike mileage)
Drinking water:4-5 liters of water.

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