Honda To Develop Middleweight Motorcycle to Compete With Royal Enfield

@Honda Motor Co.

Honda Motor Co. is working on commuters and performance motorcycles in the Indian market, now they started to look into the middleweight motorcycle segment. Honda revealed that they formed a team of engineers to develop a motorcycle to give tough competition to Royal Enfield in the Indian market.

Bajaj who decided to launch to the Dominar 400 to compete with Royal Enfield Classic 350 and now, Honda plans to develop a new middleweight cruiser.

Honda already has the Rebel 300 and Rebel 500 motorcycles, sold in the US market. But Honda Motor Co. is decided to develop a new product from scratch in the same segment to compete with Royal Enfield.

President & CEO of Asian Honda Motor Co. Ltd, Noriaki Abe has revealed in an interview that Honda is going to develop a global middleweight motorcycle to targeted the Royal Enfield. Abe at the interview said that “We have already allocated some people from Thailand and Japan to India to make/design a new mid-sized motorcycle in India R&D centre,”

Honda Motor Co. didn’t really say more about the product, we believe they would be developing to overtake RE Classic 350. Honda is known for its good quality and refinement, where Royal Enfield lacks in this. We believe Honda would definitely use these aspects to entice the Indian buyers by its new design. Royal Enfield is worshiped in the Indian market. But other manufacturers to overthrown them to be an unsuccessful segment. Mahindra had also tried with the Mojo and recently Bajaj has tried with the Dominar 400.


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