Honda CBR 250R Crashes at High Speed with Jaguar XE in Mumbai’s Marine Drive

The accident between Honda CBR 250R and Jaguar XE took place late night in Mumbai’s marine Drive. Honda CBR250R was at high speed crashes the jaguar XE. The traffic was less so the biker was riding at high speed is the main reason for the collision.

Four youths were left injured after a the crash.The incident happened when the Honda CBR250R was traveling straight towards the Air India building at Nariman Point, where rider decided not to slow down the bike in the junction just because of low traffic. But, the Jaguar XE was taking a U-turn and about to enter his lane. At that time Honda CBR250r crashed into the front side door of the Jaguar XE. The CBR250R rider threw from the bike and landed on the windscreen of the car. Due to this impact the passengers inside the car were also injured.

The bike was also equipped with ABS ( reduces the stopping distance). But still, he was at high speed made the safety feature on the CBR 250R could not avoid the accident.

The youths on Honda CBR were Mangesh Patil and Shashank Wadke were taken to a nearby hospital, where they had minor injuries. The passengers inside the Jaguar XE were Ronak (diver), Isha Multani( sitting next driver  in front seat), Manushree Shah( backseat behind Ronak), and Atith Shah( backseat behind Isha). Isha and Atith were injured by the pieces of glass and were taken to a nearby hospital.

source: Mid-Day.

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