Hero, TVS and Yamaha two-wheeler Registration Stopped by Tamil Nadu RTOs

Supreme Court order to stop the registration of BS-III compliant vehicles from April 1, 2017. Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) across TamilNadu have stopped registration of all two-wheelers manufactured by Hero MotoCorp, Yamaha Motor India, and TVS Motor Company since April 17, 2017. The registration is temporarily restricted to BS-III & BS-IV compliant two-wheelers of the above 3 companies.While Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) of TamilNadu do not giving any specific reason to the customers and also to the dealers.Which is a hectic problem to everyone who purchased the bikes.


As per the rumors from different sources that the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) of TamilNadu need more clarity and exact difference between BS-III and BS-IV compliant two-wheelers. The RTOs are lack with rules – regulations and documentation procedure required to verify and differentiate a BS-III from that of BS-IV vehicle.

The RTOs of TamilNadu were not registered both BS-III and BS-IV vehicles after April 1, 2017, and also they did not notify the dealers or companies. But they suddenly stopped the registration of all two-wheelers sold by the Hero, Yamaha, and TVS  from April 17, 2017.

Yamaha Motor India says that the company has approached the transport commissioner and submitted required information and clarifying documents to RTOs. Even TVS Motor Company submitted the required documents to RTO officials.

However, RTOs officials Coimbatore and Madurai district have not registered any motorcycles from Hero, Yamaha, TVS, Bajaj and Honda vehicles, were all customers are suffering because of this sudden change in the rules from the supreme court.

Honda and Bajaj have submitted required clear documents to the RTO officials to run away from the problems. Each & every company will have different documentations required for registration and the complete details of the shift from BS-III to BS-IV (BS3 – BS4) to give proper details by not to fake or confuse the government.
Customer and dealers of TVS, Yamaha and Hero MotoCorp expecting that registration will begin on April 24, 2017. Till this date after the ban of BS-III / bs3, Not even single BS-III and BS-IV( bs3 & bs4) bikes been registered in Chennai.

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