Hero MotoCorp Confirms Launch Of New Motorcycle, Could it be Hastur..!? Or Xtreme 200S, HX250R, XF3R?

Hero MotoCorp the largest motorcycle manufacture of the world has recently announced that they are coming up with new motorcycle that could be the star in Hero’s whole motor cycle line up.

Hero motocorp confirmed the release of new global motorcycle.

CEO of the Hero motocorp Mr. Pawan Munjal  recently made a announcement of new global motor cycle that would be launched by this year. It was the launch event of Hero achiever 150cc motor cycle he mate this announcement which has been in the discussion ever since. But the one question that’s everyone has is which could be that bike,could it be Hastur..? or the other motor cycle concept like Xtreme 200S, HX250R, XF3R which has been showcased by Hero motocorp in the earlier years.

The motorcycle which will be Released will take a part in Dakar Rally that would be held some where around January 2017.

Even though there is not enough information about the  bike is revealed there is lot of guess work thats going on to figure out which could be the potential motor bike that could come out.

Here is the list of bike those could be the one that have been mentioned by Pawan Munjal.

1. Hero Hastur :

Hero hastur is a premium street fighter bike with stunning look of a naked sports bike. which was announced by hero on February 5, 2014 as concept. even though the possibility of launch is less compared other concept of hero motor corp. But release of this bike could set the market on fire..!


Key feature of Hero Hastur are:

  • It has a engine of 620cc which could deliver power up to 78.9BHP (at 9600 rpm).
  • Top speed of the Hero hastur is estimated around 240kmph.
  • gorgeous projector lead lamp.
  • the price is will be around 4,00,000 Indian rupees.

2. Hero Xtreme 200S:

Hero Xtreme could be the second least possible bike that could be relleased.

it is the bike that won the best two wheeler pavilion award for Hero in auto expo 2016.


Key feature of Hero Xtreme are:

  • It has a engine of 200cc which could deliver power up to 18.34BHP (at 8500 rpm).
  • Top speed of the  Hero Xtreme is estimated around 120kmph.
  • the price is will be around 90,000 Indian rupees.

3. Hero XF3R:

Hero XF3R has the second best possibility to be the bike that would be released.

For more details about Hero XF3R you can follow our previous post whose links are down below.

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4. Hero HX250R:

Hero HX250R has the best possibility of being the bike that was mentioned by  Pawan Munjal in launch event of Hero achiever 150cc motorcycle. even though it was announced in 2014. it failed to hit the market due to the downfall in sales os Hero Karizma R and ZMR.  since it was showcased in auto expo 2016 it has better chances of making to market rather than other three mentioned in the list above.


Key feature of Hero Xtreme are:

  • It has a engine of 250cc which could deliver power up to 31BHP (at 9000 rpm).
  • Top speed of the Hero HX250R is estimated around 120kmph.
  • Stylish body looks similar to Hero Karizma.
  • the price is will be around 1,50,000 Indian rupees.

So be ready with your fingers crossed to see the the bike that will be launched.

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