Guwahati: Parked Royal Enfield Classic 350 Catches Fire — Manufacturing Defect?

Guwahati: The incident was shared by Facebook user Sumit Mantri says that his Royal Enfield Classic 350 was parked in his garage, which was burnt into ashes.

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is just three months old. Which was parked on june 9th, 2017. He had ridden for four kilometres and parked it in his garage. The image shows the completely wrecked RE Classic 350, which was burnt in to ashes.

When someone noticed the fire, Sumit was informed about beloved Royal Enfield Classic 350 was on fire. the owner was shocked and went down to see the mishap but he could not believe in his eyes. Even Firefighters were called to stop the flames.

When Sumit called the RE showroom to inform about the incident, They responded like that they can’t do anything. They replied that if the fire catched during the bike was running, they would have considered it has a manufacturing defect /Royal Enfield issue.If he was injuried, RE would have taken an initiative to look into the matter, but only the bike was burnt so the showroom people told him to contact the insurance company.

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