Fake Alloy Wheel On A Bentley Breaks In The Middle of Journey


Imagine if Felix Felicis was adulterated, Harry Potter would have never got the memory from his professor, or for instance if Jon Snow’s, Valarian Steel sword was skimped and made with a cheaper metal, then the North would be ruled by the WhiteWalkers. Well, this reel life situation isn’t quite far from reality.

Here is one good reason, why you should opt for OEM accessories for your ride. A Bentley owner, who was perhaps too astonished by the Audi S8’s wheel design, learned it the tough way. One of the fake alloy wheels on the yellow Bentley could not withstand the test of time as it cracked under pressure while the extravagant car was on the move.


The aftermarket wheel, a swindle of the Audi S8’s wheel and also of a secondary quality, had come off the hub. The incident may have happened at slow speed as there was not any visible damage to the vehicle. Safety should be the top priority when buying aftermarket embellishments for vehicles. It is always better to trust in OEM accessories or quality aftermarket products, especially when it comes to pivotal components, such as wheels, rather than being sorry.


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