Ex-Tesla engineer set to launch a performance electric motorcycle in India – Srivaru Motors

Coimbatore-based Srivaru Motors has planned to launch a performance electric motorcycle by this festive season.

The start-up is founded by Mohanraj Ramasamy, an engineer who has experience of working with Tesla. Ramasamy aka Mohan returned to India after residing in California for over 20 years. He now aims to launch his own Electric vehicle like Tesla having better performance.

Srivaru Motors – Prana power
The motorcycle named Prana is claiming to be India’s first electric performance motorcycle. Which is expected to be an equivalent of a conventional 300-400cc motorcycle, in terms of TCO (total cost of ownership) is lowest in the 300cc segment. Which even after including a financing option.

Ramasamysays Srivaru Motors is his 20 years dream project. Srivaru Motors has three patents.

Srivaru Motors – Prana power Specifications:

The Prana –The fifth prototype is the most efficient and is powered by an electric motor producing out 35Nm of peak torque, good enough to propel the 160kg motorcycle. Where 0-60kmph in less than four seconds. The top speed of Prana is over 100kph and a real-world range of 126km from its fixed Lithium-ion battery. ( claimed by the company ).

The Prana will have four riding modes such as Eco, Race, city, a reverse mode. The Prana will be offered in three variants — Class, Grand and Elite. While the Grand will come with a 126km range and the Elite will have 250km of range.

Srivaru Motors – Prana power self-healing  Electric motorcycle:

Mohanraj Ramasamy also claims that the Electric-motorcycle will also have some “self-healing” components. where we expect that the motor controllers and BMS systems that could self-diagnose and correct small errors, however, this is yet to be confirmed by the company how exactly it will work.

The manufacturing strategy:

The motorcycle has been designed and developed in-house at the company’s control center in Coimbatore. Srivaru Motors will produce up to 30,000 units annually at Coimbatore plant. The company has plans to outsource production and scale up to 2Lakh units within 18 months of launch. The outsourced parts will be assembled in Chennai and in upper parts of Karnataka, expected to be Mangalore to also cater to Maharashtra. The company is planning to set up 25 retail outlets in cities in the initial stage and will be expanded to other parts of India.

Mohanraj Ramasamy said “We have worked upon five critical areas —styling, range, durability, TCO and service. We are very confident that even if a newcomer company such as Tesla can build products like what customers want, they succeed better than even the most established names”. added to this Mohan says “Our prime focus right now is to get the product right for the market,”

While the Prana power will have a 70 % localization during at launch. If the volume increases the company has higher localization targets.

Srivaru Motors got some investments into the venture by some serial entrepreneurs. While no Venture capital (VC) has invested so far. Srivaru Motors might seek more capital as it sees the need for expansion in the future.


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