DSK Benelli TNT 135 Launch Cancelled in India

@DSK Benelli TNT 135 Launch

Recently, DSK Benelli had postponed the launch of Benelli TNT 135. But now, the company’s top executive confirmed that the Benelli TNT 135 will not be launched in India.

Benelli had a plan to launch the TNT 135 in the Indian market. The company did a market research, the result of the market research that people liked the product but they were unhappy with the price. A few customers found TNT 135 appealing and loved the product, especially the North-Eastern markets. But the price targeted by the customers is quite unrealistic.The company won’t be able to launch the Benelli TNT 135 at a price range.

The reason for High Price:

Benelli was fitted with trellis frame, fuel injection system, superior brakes and suspension setup, which cannot be compared to a Honda Navi and also cannot be launched at that price range.

The reason for not to launch in India:

  • If Benelli TNT 135 was made in India, it would be difficult to price it aggressively.
  • Customers expected it for less price.

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