Don’t Fall for Rumours ! — Yamaha R15 V3.0 is Not Coming to India

With the launch Yamaha FZ25 and Fazer 25 company indirectly told that they are not going to launch R15 V3.0 anytime soon.  Mr. Roy Kurian, VP, Sales & Marketing, Yamaha India didn’t sound good in a video by Power drift about the idea of launching new R15 v3.0 to the Indian market.

According Mr. Roy,  The company launch around 250 models worldwide every year. It doesn’t mean they have to get all the motorcycles to the Indian market. They already have good sale of R15, R15-S it doesn’t seems like they have to get the R15 v3.0 to India at present… but they may bring it but not sure.

one more fact is that they recently upgraded both R15 & R15-S to BS4 so there is no point of getting R15 v3.0 because they invested lot of money for upgrading.

Noticed that most of the auto portals are sharing false news regarding the launch of R15 V3.0. We suggest not to believe such rumours as R15 v3 is NOT coming to India anytime soon.

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