Delhi: Himanshu Bansal, 24-year-old Super bike rider dies in high-speed crash [video]

A 24-year-old businessman named Himanshu Bansal (resident of Vivek Vihar in East Delhi) died after he lost his control of his bike when he was racing along with his friends on a superbike.

Bansal was racing with his friends on his Benelli TNT600i on the streets of Sikandar Road in Central Delhi on Monday night. The mishap took place on that night when Himanshu Bansal tried to avoid a pedestrian crossing the street. He lost his control and slammed into a wall at the Lady Irwin College near the Mandi House metro station in Central Delhi. The elderly man was injured in the accident while he lost his life, according to police.

The three motorcyclists were riding at very high speeds in traffic towards Mandi House, the police said. Bansal was riding a Benelli TNT 600i. One of his friend (Lakshay)who was riding behind him had an action camera mounted to his helmet, filming the entire race, was racing on a Kawasaki Ninja 300 (2nd bike). The third motorbike was also a Benelli TNT 600i in the race.

During the investigation, police learned that Himanshu and Lakshay and Gazi (his two friends) [Ninja 300 and TNT 600i respetively], had come to Connaught Place to discuss their plans for an Independence Day ride the following morning.

Police received a call around 9 pm on Monday. As they found the damaged Benelli TNT 600i, where pieces of glass and blood splattered on the road.

As per the video footage, Bansal was filtering through traffic at high speed. But at Mandi House station,  a man trying to cross the road. When Bansal noticed it, he tries to avoid the person but ends up hitting an elderly man.
Due to high speed, the motorcycle swings towards the left, and he was thrown from the bike and hit the sidewalk outside Lady Irwin College, with the motorbike cycle crashing and slides down 100 meters before coming to a halt. Police report that he was at speeds of over 100 kmph.

Bansal’s face and head were crushed, he was declared dead even as the police moved him to JPN hospital.

The Benelli TNT600i and the Kawasaki Ninja 300, these motorcycles that can accelerate quickly and can reach up to 200kmph within secs.

A case of negligent and rash driving has been registered and action is also being initiated against the friends who were racing along with Bansal on their respective bikes.


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