Complete list of cars/ vehicles used in Transformers 5 (Transformers: The Last Knight) | Decepticon’s edition

@Transformers :  The Last Knight

With the intentions to destroy Earth under leadership of Megatron, the bad transformers namely Decepticons. They usually hides like military vehicles unlike autobots who choose civilian automotives. Decepticons are heavy fierce vehicles  which will transforms into deadly robots.

Here is the complete list of all the vehicles/ cars in the Team of Megatron, (aka Decepticons):

  1. MEGATRON as Cybertronian fighter jet:

    Leader of the Decepticons who is trying to rebuild his army. He has been assumed many dinguses previously, new one in the movie is a Cybertronian fighter jet. With a uniquely shaped sword megatron looks fierce in this movie in his robotic form as well.

  2. BARRICADE as 2017 Ford Mustang GT:

    One of the coolest decepticons. Since his first appearance he has been in the form of the police car (Ford Mustang GT) upgrading to newest model this year. He has been loyal to Megtron and plays a vital role in his team.

  3. NITRO JEUS as Fighter jet:

    Another one of the decepticon, who thinks he is cool and famous among humans. He wears a thick gold chain and transforms into a cool fighter jet and  fly’s along with megatron.

  4. ONSLAUGHT as Western star 4900SF tow truck:

    Another truck from western star thats used as transformer after Optimus Prime. The green Western star 4900SF tow truck well suits the personality of Onslaught.

  5. DREADBOT as Volkswagen van :

    Dreadbot transformes into a old Volkswagen van as his secondary form.

  6. MOHAWK as Confederate motorcycle:

    Unlike other decepticons who chooses larege vehicles, Mohawk transforms into a Confederate motorcycle. Mohawk can also project a 3D image of the rider on the bike so onlookers don’t see a bike moving on its own!

This is the list guys. Who do you think coolest Decepticons ? comment down below…

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