China: Audi R8 Driver Allegedly Shoots Himself Going 321kmpH (200mph) Before Deadly Crash !!!

@China: Audi R8

A Chinese video has been circulating on the web today, that of a first-gen Audi R8 V10 entwining through traffic on a highway reaching speeds of over 320km/h or 200mph before showing the scene of an accident with two people lying (presumably) dead alongside a decapitated R8.

The first segment with the R8 speeding on its own on numerous Chinese websites was found, some uploaded back in August of 2016. The incident took place in Liujiang, China’s Anhui province on January 28. In the footage, the conditions also appear to be extremely foggy.

Regardless if it’s a separate incident, the action of the person on a public highway is criminally irresponsible and immoral and could have easily led (or did lead) to the shocking ending shown at the end of the video.

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