BMW S1000RR Rider jailed for 30 months (2.5 years) for speeding over 290 kmph & displaying fake number plate

Paul Whyatt, BMW S1000RR rider from Thorney, Cambridgeshire has led police officers on high-speed chases has been jailed for more than two years.

57-year-old Paul Whyatt, was displaying false number plates (which is registered for a car in Hampshire) on his motorbike (BMW S1000RR).  when Whyatt overtook an off duty police officer on the A47 on April 2015. Whyatt was spotted again with false number plates by the same officer, who was then on duty on the A1 at Sawtry.

Police visited him at his home address when his original number plate was clocked doing 60mph in a 30mph zone. He claimed a colleague had been testing his bike – however CCTV at the gym whyatt owned showed him wearing the same recognizable rucksack as the man on the bike.

57-year-old Paul Whyatt – BMW S1000RR rider

The officer asked Whyatt to stop his bike, but after gesturing to the hard shoulder-Whyatt increased his speed to more than 148mph and drove off. Later officer wanted to chase him back, but stopped because of risk to other vehicles.

Police have now released footage of Whyatt riding his BMW S1000 RR motorcycle at speeds of more than 148mph.


Whyatt was involved in a second high-speed chase two weeks later, when he undertook officers who were en route to an emergency call.

It was in another speeding incident at Thorney that Whyatt was using his own number plate. The officers were able to block him on the A47 roundabout with the start of the Thorney by pass.Whyatt failed to stop. He sped off, reaching speeds of over of 100mph.He drove through Thorney village at more than 114mph as he went back towards the A47. Officers were forced to stop the pursuit.

Paul Whyatt has been finally arrested and imprisoned for 2.5 years. Whyatt has been sentenced to 1.2 years for Fabricating of evidence,  1.2 years for dangerous driving and  2 months carrying a knife.

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