Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Engine Seized While Speeding at 100 kmph Claiming life of a Hyderabad Techie

Saturday – 29/07/2017 : A Hyderabad techie, identified as Pulavarthi Venkata Satya Nagendra(24 years), died on the spot in a bike accident at NH-65 near Nandigama town in Krishna district.

Nagendra, a software employee working at Tech Mahindra in Hyderabad was travelling with a friend – Bathula Vamsi Krishna from Hyderabad to Vijayawada on the Pulsar RS200 to enjoy the weekend trip.

The accident took place at 1:00 am in midnight on NH 65, According to the cops that the riders left their house late in the night and were speeding an average speed of 100 kmph. Their Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 bike engine got seized and this resulted in the rear wheel immediately getting locked and fell down from the moving bike becuase it was raining. Both the riders were wearing helmets and suffered minor injuries from the fall.

Bajaj Pulsar RS200

However, police say that when Nagendra fell down and before he could try and get up an unidentified car that was coming from behind ran over Pulavarthi Venkata Satya Nagendra’s head at high-speed, killing him on the spotand fled from the scene. luckily, Vamsi Krishna – his friend fell on the wed mud with minor injuries.

Preliminary examination reveals:

The engine seizure happened because of the low level of engine oil. Where Engine oil lubricates the fast moving parts of the engine and also keeps the engine cool. As the level of the oil was low, it caused the engine to heat up quickly and more friction between moving parts caused to block the piston. There was no sufficient engine oil present in his Bajaj Pulsar 200 RS to make the 280 km trip between Hyderabad and Vijayawada.

The motorcycle was relatively new, which was registered last year. The bike was travelling at high speed( around 100kmph) led engine to burn the remaining oil in the engine, which endup with no oil in the sump, finally causing the catastrophic engine seizure.

Pulavarthi Venkata Satya Nagendra (24 years)

The Bajaj Pulsar RS200 comes with a low-engine oil warning lamp. It is not clear if the warning lamp warned the riders or not, Or may be they ignored it and continued with their journey.


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