Bajaj – KTM alliance could possibly acquire Ducati ! Bajaj says they are very close to finalize a new alliance

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Ducati iconic Italian motorcycle manufacturer is now could be a part of KTM – Bajaj alliance. Ducati which is owned by Audi and manufactured under Lamborghini Italian subsidiary, which intern owned by Volkswagen Group had its major stake for purchase. Due to this there was a competition  between major motorcycle brands like Hero motorcorp, Royal Enfield to acquire Ducati.

Bajaj’s name was relatively new in this list, but its possible that the Bajaj allied with KTM could have a better chance at acquiring Ducati than other competitors. To support this claim recently KTM – Bajaj allay acquired Husqvarna a Swedish motorcycle brand and also during shareholders meeting Rajiv Bajaj, CEO of Bajaj auto said that,

” Bajaj has to fill the gap in the segment of market that is now owned by Harley-Davidson, Triumph and Royal Enfield. Which he called space of easy riding while KTM fall in sporty riding. And called it as missing piece of their puzzle !

He continued that they are very close to finalize new alliance ( Which is speculated to be Ducati), but official announcement confirmation could be given only after couple of weeks. The new alliance could open up enormous possibilities Bajaj.

If everything goes as expected then we can possibly expect motorcycles of lower engine capacity (under 390) under Ducati. And the deal is also expected to boost the sales of Ducati and the Bajaj allies (KTM and Husqvarna).

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