Bajaj Dominar 400’s Monoshock & Alloy wheels breaks at 40kmph | Dealership denies replacement under warranty

Bajaj Dominar 400 was introduced in December last year. Bajaj dealerships were selling close to 3,000 units, later the sale dropped to 2,500 units and now it was dripped from 1,500 units to 872 units sold in May 2017. A possible reason for that could be the quality issues, where many customers are facing.

Yesterday, a Bajaj Dominar owner from Mumbai had shared images of his bike on social media claiming – While he was riding at 40 kmph, the rear mono shock suspension of the bike broke as well as the rear alloy also got a crack. The motorcycle was under warranty period so, he could get replace the broken & cracked part without paying for it. Unfortunately, the things went wrong.

The story which is being shared in social media surprised many Dominar owner as well as motorcycle enthusiasts that how it could have happened. No bike can suffer such a damage while riding through a pothole on Indian roads at 40 kmph. On closer inspection of the bike which images are being shared, you can see damage to the mudguard and air filter. This is unrealistic when you are riding at 40 kmph.

According to the Dominar owner, When he was riding at 40 kmph ahead of a red light when suddenly a large pothole came out of nowhere. By hitting the pothole, the mono-shock and alloy wheels broke on impact. He was lucky to get away without any injuries as he was riding slowly. If he was riding fast, the results have been grave. He added that local police is aware of the incident, who helped him get the bike to the side of the road.

The Bajaj Dominar 400 was damaged by the rider while performing stunts at high speed, the stunt went wrong, the bike falls on the ground very badly, resulting in damage to rear suspension and alloy.

The owner rushed towards the showroom after the bike gets damaged, he had mentioned that the bike got damaged due to his own fault & not due to any manufacturing defect. The Bajaj service center has denied replacement of the parts under warranty because its not a quality issue. Moreover, the service center is yet to register a complaint regarding the replacement of the parts under the company. However, the Bajaj service center has suggested the Dominar owner to replace the parts by claiming insurance and the total cost of repairs are Rs 13,000. The owner has also claimed that the wheels were alright before sending the bike to the service center, After surviving his bike he noticed that this wheel was bent.

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